Ay Caramba!

Product description

Ska Cubano takes classic Jamaican ska, blends it with Afro-Cuban son and salsa, throws in some retro swing and Colombian cumbia for spice, and creates a magic musical concoction that will get your feet moving and your hips shaking. The UK world music magazine Songlines voted “Ay Caramba” one of the top 10 world music releases of the year, saying the record is, “A triumph. Remaining seated is not an option.” Mojo magazine exclaimed the album, “Will have you on your feet before you've had time to consider the whys and wherefores.” Ska Cubano’s “Ay Caramba!” is the first release from the new record label Cumbancha, which was founded by the long-time head of A&R and music research at the popular world music label Putumayo.

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