Metal: Headbanger's Companion 2

Product description

2007 six CD box set, the sequel to the highly successful first volume, once again offers over 100 high-octane tracks for a very reasonable price. Aimed specifically at giving value for money for the completist, the curious, the collector and the entry-level Metalhead looking for a quick introduction to the scene at an affordable price. Over 100 tracks spread across six genre-specific discs including tracks from Carcass, Pitch Shifter, Clutch, Dillinger Escape Plan, Deicide, Mortiis, Municipal Waste, Cult of Luna, Napalm Death, DubWar, The Haunted, Akercocke, Evile, Morbid Angel, The Berzerker, Godflesh and many many more. Over six hours of Metal, which is just long enough to bang your head senseless! Earache.

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