Short Music For Short People

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Punk rock has long been known for its short, loud, and snotty anthems, but this is taking things to extremes. None of the songs found here reaches the one-minute mark. Some are among punk's most esteemed anthems, while others are casual additions to the canon. In either case, even if you don't like one tune, well, there's another one coming in just a few seconds. This isn't the best introduction to these bands. The Descendents, for example, are punk-pop titans who and not at their best when aping the hardcore set. However, where else can you find Less Than Jake, Nerf Herder, Blink 182, Green Day, the Mr. T. Experience, Gwar, the Circle Jerks, D.O.A., Agnostic Front, and the Muffs all on one CD? There's no shortage of top-shelf names here, and more than a few surprises will keep you hopping. –Rob O'Connor

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