The Spirits of England and France, Vol 1 – Music of the later Middle Ages for Court and Church /Gothic Voices * P Beznosiuk * Page

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This first volume in a series that “explores the riches of French and English music between the 12th and 15th centuries” features excellent examples of tuneful and rhythmically engaging pieces from a vast repertoire of secular and sacred songs. Some selections are in French, others are in Latin; most are for three or four voices, although there are a few solo and two-part songs. Several instrumental “estampies,” played on medieval fiddle, add color to the program. Although the music itself is entertaining–especially in these excellent performances by one of the world's preeminent early music ensembles–it's also fun to follow the texts, which, along with their beguiling melodies, often deal quaintly but seriously–and often desperately–with love and courtship. This disc is a perfect introduction to a fascinating musical world that speaks directly to the senses. –David Vernier

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