Here Come The 123s

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Here come the 123S by they might be Giants have children take an imaginative look at numbers with brilliant animations and delightful puppets. The band's lucky thirteenth album, their third children's album and the first album to earn them a Grammy for best children's album in 2009. Original songs by they might's be Giants include zeroes, one everything, number two troops has three eyes, apartment four, high five!, the secret life of six, seven, seven days of the week (I never go to work), figure eight, Pirate girls nine, nine bowls of Soup, one Dozen Monkeys (with Hannah Levine), eight hundred and thirteen mile car trip, Infinity, I can add even numbers and ooh la! ooh la! a Deluxe 2 disc set includes CD + DVD with 24 songs and 23 music videos.

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