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In 1999, with the release of World Playground, Putumayo Kids established its children s music collections as passports to learning about the world s cultures. Kids World Party marks a return to these global roots with 12 fun, danceable songs accompanied by a multilingual (English, Spanish, French, German), child-friendly booklet that explores how children worldwide celebrate special occasions. The CD comes enclosed in a new eco-friendly package that uses no plastic.Artists featured on Kids World Party include famed Indian pop and Bollywood singer Lucky Ali, who contributes Kitni Haseen Zindagi, a song that celebrates life. South Africa s Sharon Katz and The Peace Train, whom Nelson Mandela appointed as a Cultural Ambassador of the nation, has thrilled international audiences with the beats and har¬monies of their music, and delights listeners with Sanalwami. Trinidadian children s musician Asheba, whose songs are featured on four other Putumayo Kids collections, contributes the calypso-infused Recess Time. Swiss singer Famara celebrates East African life in Swahili on Mambo Saana. Hawaiian singer Solanna pays a reg¬gae tribute to Willy Wonka in Oompa Loompa. Italy s Balentes, an all-female Sardinian group, contributes the play¬ful dance tune Cixiri (Chickpeas), while France s Pakita charms with Préparon-nous pour Faire la Fête (Let s Get Ready to Party). Representing Latin America is Mexican children s group Monedita de Oro with Nadie. The infec¬tious Afro-Cuban funk of Cuban-American band PALO! is heard on their song Quimbombó (Okra). Also featured on Kids World Party is bilingual (English-French) singer Will Stroet, an award-winning Canadian musi¬cian whose song Le boogie à vélo tells children that you can boogie even while riding a bike safely. American musicians Tom Freund and Friends invite kids to join in a Freezedance and fellow American Eric Bibb rounds out the col¬lection with Jackie Wilson s classic soul tune Higher and Higher. Kids World Party also marks the start of a special partnership with Amnesty International. 50¢ U.S. from the sale of each CD will go to the Nobel Peace Prize-winning organization in com¬memoration of its 50th anniversary and in support of its work to promote and protect human rights worldwide.

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