The Evolution Of Ska – Calypso, Mento, Jamaican R&B & Bluebeat [ORIGINAL RECORDINGS REMASTERED] 2CD SET

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A unique collection, which traces the development of West Indian music from the mid 50s Calypso and Mento, through Jamaican R&B to early 60s Bluebeat and the dawn of Ska. Includes some of the earliest recordings by a number of subsequent Reggae superstars, most notably Prince Buster, Jimmy Cliff, Derrick Morgan, Owen Gray, Clancy Eccles, Byron Lee and the 'Godfather of Ska' himself, Laurel Aitken. Many of these sides were massive Jamaican hits, most notably: “Boogie Rock”, “Fat Man”, “Easy Snapping”, “Time To Pray””, “Little Vilma”, “Dumplin's”, “Oh Carolina”, “Bartender”, “Hurricane Hattie” and more. Greatly improved sound quality on many of these recordings.

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